Polygard® Lightweight Filler Paste - 3L

Product Features

-   Excellent spreadability and feather-edging properties
-   Sag resistant
-   Adheres to clean and properly prepared steel, aluminium, other metals, fibreglass, and wood.


Directions of Use

-  Degrease the surface
-  Prepare the surface using P80 abrasives
-  Degrease the surface of grease and dirt
-  Add hardner to the Paste (:50) and thoroughly mix together
-  Apply to surface
-  15-20 minutes after application, Filler Paste can be sanded.


Storage Instructions

-    Store sealed in cool, dry ventilated places and keep containers closed
-    Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame
-    Store in accordance with the highly flammable liquids & liquefied petroleum gases regulations.


Shelf Life

-    2 year from date of manufacture JC - TBC
-    Manufacture date can be identified from the eight digit code printed on the bottle.  The first three figures indicate the batch number, the middle two indicate the year and the last three indicate the consecutive day of the year

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